The virtual rescue assistent

Saving lives via interactive visualization of escape routes

Save lives – via training with live images.
Because images stay in your mind.

Safety is more than just a concept

The presence of physical escape and rescue plans is a legal requirement in almost all buildings. However, even if this was not legally required, such life-saving plans should be present everywhere. Ideally, they would be found in certain places where they are clearly visible. Additionally, they should give a clear overview of the escape routes and emergency exits, be up-to-date, easy to read and show various safety symbols.

Unfortunately, reality looks different. If one can even find them, they are hard to understand and/or not up to date. Ask yourself: Did you look at – and understand – the escape and rescue plan the last time you stayed at a hospital or a hotel? They are not very informative and are also unsuited to the modern world. Nowadays, few people bother to learn the definitions of the various symbols in order to properly understand those plans.

Furthermore, most people are unable to remember them in the case of danger. However, what people do remember – even in emergency situations – are images. That is what VIRASS is based on.

Our product aims to stimulate users’ visual memory. After all, people tend to remember images even if they are in a life-threatening situation. That is why VIRASS is based on living images and interactive action. Since escape routes are actively explored, they are more easily memorized.

This inspired our team of professional firefighters, engineers and IT-specialists to develop VIRASS, the Virtual Rescue Assistant.

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VIRASS in action

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What services does VIRASS offer?

By choosing VIRASS your company benefits from many great features. Special requests are more than welcome.

In dangerous situations, people behave differently than you would expect.

We are often entering a building without informing ourselves about escape and rescue routes. It is already dangerous enough to not familiarize yourself with the escape and rescue plans in the various small buildings you visit every day for a short amount of time. But what if you are staying at a hotel?

Imagine it’s your first night at a hotel. The fire alarms are going off in the middle of the night. You wake up startled in complete darkness and can’t find the light switch right away. The situation immediately makes you feel anxious. After finding a light switch, you open the door and the hallway is empty. You are all on your own. What to do now?

Option 1: Do you go back to bed or

Option 2: do you get dressed and leave the building?

Speaking from my many years of experience as a professional firefighter, I can attest to the fact that most people will choose option 1. They think it is a false alarm because neither any other guests nor smoke can be seen in the hallways. If you considered the possibility that you might be the only guest on this particular floor or that there might be a fire on one of the floors below or above you, you would certainly prefer option 2. You would leave the building. Imagine this whole scenario starting from when you open the door to a smoke-filled hallway. You cannot see anything; you hear people screaming and can only guess where they are running to. You close the door and check the escape and rescue plan to find out where to go. But it is already too late: in your panicked state, you will not be able to make it.

VIRASS was developed to prevent such scenarios.

People require information

The virtual rescue assistant VIRASS is an IT application that was created to teach

  • hotel guests
  • kindergarteners
  • students
  • seniors in retirement homes
  • hospital patients
  • asylum seekers in refugee homes

in the quickest and most memorable way about the correct behavior in the event of fires and other dangers.

People do not always recognize dangers right away and react differently than they would under normal circumstances.

You do not use the shortest escape route in the event of an emergency but tend to follow the path you took coming in. This usually includes the entrance through which you entered the building and/or the elevator originally (if you are located on an upper floor).

Although you might be aware that smoke can be dangerous or even deadly, you still choose to walk through a smoke-filled corridor. If overcome by fear or panic, rational thinking shuts down and is overridden by our fight-or-flight instincts only allowing access to our short-term memory. “That’s where I came in, so that must be the way out.” If people are uninformed, they just imitate what other people are doing. “They’re staying, so it shouldn’t be dangerous for me either.”The social aspect might even cause people to follow others through smoke. Ignorance often causes people to avoid escape routes.

“Images stay in your mind”

The escape and rescue routes are available to guests at any time in a virtual-reality format using real-life images via our app or an in-house TV channel. Additionally, the locations of equipment for the initial fire fighting are shown and its proper use as well as the activation of the rescue chain are explained. As a result, every one of your guests will be familiar with their environment, well-educated about the proper and correct behavior in emergency situations and become an efficient part of the existing fire protection concept.

VIRASS will be available in any language/s needed.