Your virtual rescue assistant

Saving lives via interactive visualization of escape routes

What is VIRASS?

VIRASS (Virtual Rescue Assistant) is a novel safety concept for hotels, hospitals and businesses. In dangerous situations such as a fire, VIRASS preventively helps to protect and save lives.

Via an interactive, virtual tour of escape routes your guests, patients, or employees learn where the nearest emergency exit is located and how they can get there.

Saving lives through interaction

With the help of virtual tours, VIRASS shows how the nearest emergency exit can be reached in a quick and safe manner. Printed escape / rescue plans are not just antiquated but also complicated and hard to memorize.

However, live images stay in your mind.

VIRASS is based on visual training. The virtual tours realistically reproduce the inside of a building. This greatly improves the sense of direction for someone who is unfamiliar with the given environment. VIRASS’ interactive features allow users to become familiar with the relevant escape routes and learn about additional life-saving information.

Why hotels, hospitals and businesses should use VIRASS

Saving lives

People are better prepared for emergency situations and know how to get to safety. This also greatly facilitates the work of rescue teams.

Increase profits

People who feel safe are happy to return. This innovative safety concept will give you an edge over your competition.

Benefit from our expertise

This safety concept was developed by professional firefighters and fire protection experts with more than 25 years of practical experience.