Loemühle Hotel und Gastropark

At first sight, the Hotel Loemühle already convinces with its historical half-timbered buildings in a charming landscape, but an appealing exterior is not enough to pamper hotel guests. That is why you will find everything you need to have a pleasant time at Hotel Loemühle.

We offer culinary delights, comfortable rooms in four different categories, numerous opportunities for leisure activities in the nearby surroundings and many great events directly in the hotel. In our historic granary, where lovers can even get married, you can spend romantic evenings by candlelight and gastronomic delights, while our terrace, heated in winter and equipped with awnings, invites you to socialize in the fresh air.

Explore our website and be amazed at the diversity of our small country hotel.

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Loemühle Hotel und Gastropark

Loemühlenweg 221

D-45770 Marl


We have a well thought-out and proven security concept.

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Meeting point

When exiting the building, please wait at this sign for further instructions from emergency services. Do not leave the premises.

Fire extinguisher

There is a fire extinguisher here. In our virtual rescue assistant, we will show you how to use a fire extinguisher correctly.