Hotel Jams

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The most important data




Select your room number

To get the quickest way out of the building, please select your room number.

Explore the escape routes in the hotel

The most important symbols in an emergency

Emergency exit

The fastest escape route from the building. Arrows indicate the direction you need to go.

First aid kit

At this point u can find a first aid kit.


There is a defibrillator here. In an emergency, please follow the instructions on the device.

Fire Brigade Ladder

Here you will reach a fire brigade instruction point. In an emergency, the fire brigade will bring you to safety here via a ladder.

Meeting point

When exiting the building, please wait at this sign for further instructions from emergency services. Do not leave the premises.

Fire extinguisher

There is a fire extinguisher here. In our virtual rescue assistant, we will show you how to use a fire extinguisher correctly.